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Aleksandra’s photography passion and how we capture reality

Can we remember forever the important moments of our life, or can the memories be not only on the photos but directly in our minds? Let’s see how the principles of H. Cartier-Bresson can be applied into the concept of X+
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X+ and Innovation with Purpose – Global Goals 2030

This evening, 10th September 2020, Katrin Redmann held an online meeting Innovation with Purpose – Global Goals 2030 that was dedicated to several startups and their involvement into SDGs.
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Mom, I want to be a blogger!

Since Social Networks have stepped in our life, every user became a blogger in a one way or another. Millions of makeup tutorials, travel photos, recipes, workouts and many other things are available for millions of people. However, there is a very special category of bloggers - children and teenagers. Is their presence in the Internet a good idea and a possible start of career or just another useless content which can even be dangerous?
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What do Proust, the silent movie killer, and Fabrizio have in common?

In this second article about our team, meet Proust, the man who killed the silent movie, and Fabrizio's experiences that lead to the creation of X+
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What do Pedro Ferreira and Philipp Reis have in common?

As we were testing our app at Museum for Communication Frankfurt we discover what our CMO and Philipp Reis have in common. Find out some of the coincidences separated by 160 years.
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