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Passion Economy: When Everyone Takes Own Path

Are we satisfied with the way we work? What if people can use their hobbies and monetize their skills? Is passion economy a new method for being a professional? Let’s discover it together.
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Partnership with Mainstage Incubator Launchpad

X+ is proud to be part of the Mainstage Incubator launchpad for international start-ups for gaining access to new markets, in this specific case, to new countries in Asia.
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Interactivity as the Future of Media

In a world of exponential content as messages, individuals get tired and frustrated with massive and non-interactive experiences. Do you want to stand-out from the crowd? Interactivity may be one of the best paths.
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The future of travel will be out-of-body and a five senses experience

Today forced by COVID-19 anyone is living a new way to experience meeting, cocktails, travels, museums and more. Digitalization has heavily touched any aspect of our free time, hobbies, and work. Let’s start examining the future of transportation and travel.
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Museums of New Era

Now, when the world is emerged in the pandemic of COVID-19, touristic sector is the first to suffer economical damage, new technologies are available to solve the problem and to reconnect people with art.
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